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Picture Style

Make your photos amazing in under a minute! with the professional picture styles, the picture styles has been created for the photographer but simple and easy to use.

Easy Adjustment

The menu contains controls for adjustments such as Light, Color, Noise/Denoise, Blur, Unsharp Mark, Tilt Shift, Swirl and Bulge. It's easy and simple adjustments like increase/decrease!

One click basic function

Just a single click options for cropping, resizing, rotating and save, makes your photos beautiful with easy and powerful. Just upload any image to photo editor and make it awesome in one click!

Current version(1.1.1) features: Aspect Ratio Crop, Free Crop, Resize, Rotate, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Hut, Statuation, Vibrance, Depia, Noise, Denoise, Zoom Blur, Blur, Unsharp Mark, Tile Shift, Swirl, Bulge

Ongoing version(1.2.0) features: Color(RGB) Adjustment, Sobel, Invert Color